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Where the street meets luxury. Translated from French into English, ‘Le Rêve Luxueux’ means ‘the luxury dream’. Founded in 2019, this fashion brand encourages its followers to follow their dreams, however big they may be. In the society in which we live, millions of people all dream of a luxurious lifestyle and a carefree life. Whether this luxury has to do with love, material or knowledge; it is possible. The only person who can stop you from doing this is yourself. This vision plays a major role in the existence of ‘Le Rêve Luxueux’, especially in the combination of street style and luxury. The brand is detail-oriented to be able to combine these two cultures and meet its followers as well as possible. High quality and comfort are a priority for the brand, and each product is designed and produced with high quality in mind.

Our goal? To become one of the biggest trendsetters in Europe.

Follow your luxury dream,

Le Rêve Luxueux

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Our Best Swim

Our storyline is the reason why we are not just a clothing brand. Our community believes in our vision and is willing to become a part of our journey. Before the start of Le Rêve Luxueux, a story was written. Every collection we release is a chapter of that story. All releases are dedicated to the chapter they can be seen in. The further we reach the end of the story, the more you will see from the story.
We only sell the best product possible. All our products are handmade from the first to the last step. This way we work detail-oriented to make sure our customers will only receive the highest quality. We test products several times based on many different aspects before deciding to release a product.
Our deliveries are fast. For the Netherlands, products will be received within 1 to 3 working days. For the rest of Europe 2 to 5 working days.
We are sure you will not regret your choice for our brand. But if you do, you are able to return your items.
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