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About us

Where the street meets luxury.

This luxury streetwear brand has been created as a result of being inspired by the street culture. The powerful French influence around this brand combined with the Dutch origins create the story of Le Rêve Luxueux. Translated from French into English ‘Le Rêve Luxueux’ means ‘the luxury dream’. Founded in 2019 (EST. MMXIX), this fashion brand encourages its followers to follow their dreams, however big they may be. In the society in which we live, millions of people all dream of a luxurious lifestyle and a carefree life. Whether this luxury has to do with love, material, or knowledge; it is possible. The only person who can stop you from achieving your goals is yourself. This vision plays a major role in the existence of ‘Le Rêve Luxueux’, especially in the combination of street style and luxury.



Le Rêve Luxueux is writing a story throughout the different collections and all the collections are part of a storyline. The story is split into chapters (seasons), and releases are based on the chapters. The storyline will be the guide for Le Rêve Luxueux throughout its journey to success.



Chapter one (FW20)

Le Cauchemar – The Nightmare

Dark days, dark colors, mysterious designs. The luxury dream starts as a nightmare for chapter one. Le Cauchemar is a place you don’t want to be. “If dreams come true, what about the nightmares?”


Chapter two (SS21)

La Réalité – Reality

Back to reality. La Réalité is a season of hope. The season contains inspiring colors and designs. “La réalité laisse beaucoup à l’imagination.”


Chapter three (FW21)

Temps d’Evoluer – Time of Change

In a changing environment, time and patience can be the most important factors for success. Sometimes you have to make offers if you want to reach new levels. “Temps de changer le monde.”


to be continued…



Highest available

The material used for Le Rêve Luxueux products is the perfect combination between streetwear material and luxury. Every product is handmade from the first to the last step in the production process. This way the brand makes sure ultimate luxury can be reached for every product. Le Rêve’s made in Portugal products are the highest available quality in the streetwear market. Le Rêve Luxueux believes this is necessary to build the loyal customer base they are focussing on. To reach ultimate comfort every product is tested and improved multiple times before it gets released. Only the best product will be sold. Le Rêve is detail-oriented to be able to combine the streetwear and luxury cultures and meet its followers as well as possible.


Our goal? To become one of the biggest trendsetters in Europe.


Follow your luxury dream,


Le Rêve Luxueux

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