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For some people, the desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. (We are some people.)

Before Le Rêve Luxueux started, a story was written. Everything we do, is based on this story. Every Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter season stands for one chapter in the story. Chronologically, the chapters will tell you the story we have written. You just need to pay attention. Next to the link between the chapters and the collection, there is also a clear purpose behind the releases during that chapter. The chapter is seperated into different releases that all have to do with the chapter they are in. We base the chosen themes, colors, designs, titles, and stories behind a release all on the chapter they are related to. A way for us to show you more from our storyline besides the collections and the releases, are the photoshoots. A very important aspect of spreading our message is to link every photoshoot to the story we want to tell. The further we will reach the end of the story, the more you will get to see from the story.


Chapter one (FW20)

Le Cauchemar – De Nachtmerrie


Chapter two (SS21)

La Réalité – De Realiteit


Chapter three (FW21)

Temps d’Evoluer – Time of Change


Chapter four (SS22)

Dominer les Rues – Dominate the streets


Chapter five (FW22)

Nuit d’Evasion – Night of the Escape


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Where the street meets luxury.

The story we have written has been created as a result of being inspired by the street culture. The powerful French influence around this brand combined with the Dutch origins create the story of Le Rêve Luxueux. Translated from French into English ‘Le Rêve Luxueux’ means ‘the luxury dream’. Founded in 2019, the message this streetwear brand wants to deliver is for its community to stand behind their own aims and beliefs, no goal is too big to reach.


Highest available

The material used for Le Rêve Luxueux products is the perfect combination between streetwear material and luxury. Every product is handmade from the first to the last step in the production process. This way we make sure ultimate luxury can be reached for every product. We believe this is necessary to build the loyal customer base we are focussing on. To reach ultimate comfort every product is tested and improved multiple times before it gets released. Only the best product will be sold. We are always working detail-oriented to be able to combine the streetwear and luxury cultures and meet our community’s desires and needs as well as possible.


Le Rêve Luxueux

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